Introduction to SAP Extended Warehouse Management

  1. Background and History
  2. Introduction to EWM system landscape
  3. EWM Features

System Integration

  1. ERP-EWM system integration
  2. Delivery document integration

Organization Structure

  1. ERP Organization Structure
  2. Warehouse Structure

Master Data

  1. Product Master data
  2. Packaging specifications
  3. Other master data

Document types in EWM
Inbound Processing

  1. Put away Processing_Direct put away
  2. Packing in inbound delivery
  3. Put away Strategies and optimization
  4. Put away Processing_with storage process
  5. Put away Processing_Deconsolidation
  6. Put away processing_with VAS activity
  7. Quality Inspection Engine
  8. GRN/EGR Processing
  9. Slotting and Rearrangement
  10. Yard Management

Outbound Processing

  1. Stock Removal_ Direct removal
  2. Stock Removal_Complex_with Storage Process
  3. Stock Removal_with VAS activity
  4. Stock Removal Strategies
  5. Route Determination in outbound processing
  6. Wave Management
  7. Staging Area determination

Warehouse Process Type
Warehouse Order Creation
Internal Warehouse processing

  1. Replenishment
  2. Rearrangement
  3. Posting changes and Stock transfers
  4. Adhoc Moves

Layout Oriented Storage control
Physical inventory
Mobile Data Entry
Warehouse Monitoring
Exception Handling

  1. Kit to Order
  2. Kit to Stock

Cross docking

  1. EWM Triggered Opp. Cross Docking
  2. Transportation Cross Docking

Post Processing Framework