SAP Success factor Training
Using the full potentials of the workforce employed by an organization is one of the biggest challenges faced by most companies today. SAP Success Factor helps businesses align strategy with performance in a way achieving better business processes. Human resources account for all the difference in a company. A business can hope to uncover its fullest potentials when the right kinds of people are given to work on the right tasks. SAP Success Factor aims at improving the productivity of an organization by aligning workforce with the company’s strategy and get the people work on the right kind of tasks. The platform can augment performance across the firm as the management can locate the right people and develop them further. The program helps the company develop the right kinds of insight needed to run the business better. Best way Technologies is the best way training institutes in Bangalore, Hyderabad & Chennai.

What is SAP Success Factor?
SAP Success Factor is more than just process efficiency and transactional cost savings. The SAP Success Factor platform can be implemented in the organization by business of all sizes ranging from small to big enterprises. The program facilitates businesses make use of the full suite of their talent solutions, workforce analytics, core HR and collaboration to enhance productivity besides engaging, motivating and retaining employees. On the whole, SAP Success Factor can offer end to end well integrated business solutions that can effectively address a number of challenges faced by companies. Industry experts have revealed that in most cases, SAP Success Factors customers are able to outperform the broader market and the competition brought about by a superior kind of business execution. Today this platform is used by over 20 million subscribers in 168 countries.
The reputation of SAP Success Factor proposal has moved a large number of IT professionals rush for a victorious career in this field. There is a infinitely growing demand experienced these days to practice a training course in SAP Success Factors. While there are a huge amount of companies offering both classroom as well as online training in this program, only a few companies are able to give a winning edge to their students by hire them to master the program. One among them is Best Way technologies.
Why Best Way Technologies?
Best Way Technologies in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, and Pune offers a large number of training courses for fresher and working professionals. On account of their numerous qualities, our training courses have become highly trendy. We have a group of specialist professionals to design the various modules of the course in a distinctive and suitable manner to provide through training. Our training programs are delivered through great standards that meet the needs. This facilitates a great degree of flexibility. Working professionals who want to improve their career prospects have highly benefitted by this mode of course delivery since they can learn their dream program at the convenience of their own home or office and at flexible timings. All our courses are highly tailored facilitating a one to one interaction with the accomplished trainers so that the learners can get all their doubts cleared. The trainers pass on their working knowledge with the programs facilitating a practical experience of working in real time situations.

SuccessFactors Course Content

(Week#1-Introduction to Mastery)


  • Why Cloud?
  • Why SuccessFactors?
  • SuccessFactors Core & Talent Management modules Overview
  • Role of Professional Services Consultant


  • SuccessFactors BizX methodology
  • Accelerators, Configuration workbooks, Estimators, etc.
  • SuccessFactors BizXpert architecture
  • Business Execution process in detail


  • Understanding SuccessFactors terminology
  • Introduction to Instance
  • Introduction to Provisioning
  • Partner Portal, Community, SuccessStore, etc.


  • Home-page acquaintance
  • Portlets, Dashboards, Tile browser
  • Navigating Main Menu, Welcome Menu
  • To-Do list, Admin. Tools a glance


  • Welcome Menu Options
  • My favorites list
  • Search functionality
  • Help &tutorials

(Week#2-Introduction to Mastery)


  • Personalizing the Instance
  • Welcome Portlets
  • Company logo, Theme manager
  • Theme manager, e-mail notifications, etc.


  • Introduction to Organization chart
  • Directory in Org.
  • chart Resources in Org
  • chart Personal card in detail


  • Introduction to Position Org. Chart
  • Add lower position
  • Add peer position
  • Manage position


  • Introduction to Position Org. Chart (cont..)
  • Internal number ranges
  • Advanced position management
  • Internal number ranges to Position


  • Introduction to Data (.csv) files
  • Export employee
  • Import employee
  • Manage employee

(Week#3-Employee Central)


Data Models:

  • Corporate data model
  • Succession data model
  • Country-Specific Corporate data model
  • Country-Specific Succession data model


  • Foundational Objects configuration
  • Organizational Foundational Objects
  • Job Foundational Objects
  • Pay Foundational Objects


  • Generic Objects, Cost center
  • Other FO, Workflow configuration
  • Other FO, Event reason
  • Other FO, Dynamic role


  • Introduction to Proxy management
  • Add/Hire new Employee
  • Understanding New Hire workflow
  • Monitoring Workflows


  • Introduction to Employee profile
  • Employee Self Service
  • Manager Self Service
  • Data Change workflow

(Week#4-Employee Central)


  • Introduction to Role Based Permissions (RBP)
  • User Permissions, Administrator Permissions
  • Permission Roles, Permission Groups
  • Manage Security


  • Introduction to Extended Markup Language (XML)
  • Working with XML pad
  • Document Type Definition (DTD)
  • files Creating/Modifying Rules


  • Introduction to MDF (Meta Data Framework)
  • Generic Objects – Cost Centers
  • Manage Advance Objects
  • Manage Configuration UI


  • Picklist Management
  • Working with Propagation rules
  • EC – Payroll Overview
  • Leave of Absence – Overview


  • Introduction to Time Off
  • Define Holiday calendar and work schedule
  • Define Time type and Time profiles
  • Set up Time Off for Employees

(Week#5-Goal & Performance Management)


  • Introduction to Goal Management
  • Goal plan template: Basic
  • Goal plan template: Extended
  • Accessing Goal plan from Menu


  • Introduction to Goal Management (cont..)
  • SMART goals, Cascading goals
  • Goral Execution
  • Goal Library


  • Introduction to Performance Management
  • Accessing Performance v12 forms
  • Performance review
  • Competencies


  • Introduction to Performance Management (cont..)
  • Rating Scale
  • Route Map
  • Stack Ranker


  • Introduction to Performance Management (cont..)
  • 360 review
  • Calibration overview
  • Compensation overview

(Week#6- Miscellaneous)


  • Introduction to Analytics
  • Standard Reports
  • Ad-Hoc Reports
  • Creating new reports, Filters, etc.


  • Introduction to Social Colabaration
  • SuccessFactors JAM
  • SuccessFactors Mobile
  • Activating/Registering Smartphone


  • Introduction to Integration
  • Side-by-Side deployment,
  • Full cloud deployment
  • Talent-Hybrid deployment


  • Resume preparation
  • FAQs in Interviews
  • Certification guidance
  • Miscellaneous


  • Open Session
  • Open Session